En Bloc Hotels™ provides a booking experience that introduces you to engaging hotels, brings insight
into their community’s food + culture, and inspires one to partake in the adventure that surrounds them.


Stay where the story begins. A curated collection of noteworthy hotels for inspired travelers + curious wanderers.


Visual field guides that offer insight into local communities + inspiration for activities along #theotherpath.

Food + Culture

An up-to-date record of places to eat + drink, things to see, arts + entertainment, and the people behind them.




Adverb or adjective (än-ˈbläk)
As or In a United Group + All Together


We are a team of hoteliers, journalists, photographers, designers, programmers and developers bound by adventure, technology and collaboration along #theotherpath.


We crave a better way to discover and engage global communities. as the first online travel + creative agency. We wish to bring a refined and salubrious approach to the ever-changing, highly fragmented travel industry through an interactive booking experience aimed to provide online inspiration for your offline adventures.


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