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With a day’s worth of meals on the menu, cafe hours and a full bar, Outerlands has long been an anchor to the Outer Sunset. Drift wood, tile and natural light create a NorCal coastal ambiance to accompany your eggs-in-jail breakfast, grilled cheese lunch, and duck leg dinner. Sustainably sourced ingredients make the New American menus stand out, from the clam stew down to the brussel sprouts and pastrami sandwich. The bar features Four Barrel coffee via espresso and Chemex, craft beer on draft, a cocktail program that incorporates artisanal spirits, and an ample wine list. Sheltered yet spacious, the dining room’s design boasts a bright, airy space with elbow room that’s warmly encapsulated by reclaimed wood-lined ceilings and walls. Layers are the secret to weekend brunch on the sidewalk patio.

Vena Cava
Vena Cava



4001 Judah Street,
       San Francisco, CA 94122 USA
+1 (415) 661-6140


Chris Behroozian