Heart Coffee Roasters

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Just wake up from a night of eats and beats at Jupiter’s Doug Fir Lounge? Take a 15 minute stroll down East Burnside to Heart Coffee Roasters. Owners Rebekah and Wille Yli-Luome and their team of coffee scientists bring an advanced twist to the craft, from the Probat roaster full of green beans to the fruity, aromatic yields of espresso, pour-over, and Aero press. With the addition of a second location, both spaces offer a simple, welcoming space where the Technics spin for guests and the WiFi goes dark for the sake of good company (Fridays and weekends respectively). Sweeten the whole thing with a pastry by PDX’s own Bakeshop and you’ll see why Heart Roasters have become a city favorite.


Heart Coffee Roasters

2211 E Burnside St.
       Portland, OR 97214 USA


Heart Coffee Roasters