Greenhorn Espresso Bar

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Bearing the nickname given to its neighborhood’s founders is the West End’s Greenhorn Espresso Bar. Not far from The Burrard, we particularly dig this spot for its “skip the to-go cup and have a seat” ambiance. When we came upon Green Horn, our minds first raced through memories of the cafes of Paris, Madrid, and Milan. Formal, consistent, and eloquent whilst simple. After being greeted with an “Hola,” we’re pleased to learn the owners are husband/wife Argentine expats. No surprise there, considering the heavy Italian influence that’s run through Buenos Aires for more than a century. Owners Guadalupe Jolicœur and Walter Le Daca put their espresso bar roots to work with a well-appointed space complete with analog message boards, vintage bikes, original food offerings, and macchiatos poured as originally intended with Moja Coffee. Sit up front for great West End people watching or bring your brunch upstairs for some privacy and a shameless latte art Instagram session.

Greenhorn Espresso Bar
Greenhorn Espresso Bar
Greenhorn Espresso Bar


Greenhorn Espresso Bar

994 Nicola Street (@Nelson)
       Vancouver BC
       Canada V6G 2C8
(604) 428-2912 


Greenhorn Cafe