Andytown Coffee Roasters

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This is the Outer Sunset’s neighborhood spot. The one with the communal table, warm pastries and exceptional coffee. Owners Lauren Crabbe and Michael McCrory named the cafe Andytown after the Belfast suburb McCrory comes from, replicating its customs by welcoming all to some griddle-baked soda bread and hot drinks. The former Blue Bottle Barista and musician husband show their passion for creativity and specialty coffee in their roasts, now available at other cafes and grocery stores in town. We recommend their daily muffin and scone offerings, made with seasonal ingredients for every palate, along with their Snowy Plover espresso soda with whipped cream. Catch the sporadic breaks from the fog at a table outside and meet the neighbors.

Vena Cava
Vena Cava


Andytown Coffee Roasters

3655 Lawton Street,
       San Francisco, CA 94122 USA
+1 (415) 753-9775


Chris Behroozian