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Greenhorn Espresso Bar

En Bloc Hotels™ | Canada | Vancouver | Coffee + Tea, Food + Drink

Bearing the nickname given to its neighborhood’s founders is the West End’s Greenhorn Espresso Bar. Not far from The Burrard, we particularly dig this spot for its “skip the to-go cup and have a seat” ambiance. When we came upon Green Horn, our minds first raced through memories of the cafes of Paris, Madrid, and Milan. Formal, consistent, and eloquent whilst simple. After being greeted with an “Hola,” we’re pleased to learn the owners are husband/wife Argentine expats. No surprise there, considering the heavy Italian influence that’s run through Buenos Aires for more than a century. Owners Guadalupe Jolicœur and Walter Le Daca put their espresso bar roots to work with a well-appointed space complete with analog message boards, vintage bikes, original food offerings, and macchiatos poured as originally intended with Moja Coffee. Sit up front for great West End people watching or bring your brunch upstairs for some privacy and a shameless latte art Instagram session.
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Andytown Coffee Roasters

En Bloc Hotels™ | San Francisco | United States | Coffee + Tea

This is the Outer Sunset’s neighborhood spot. The one with the communal table, warm pastries and exceptional coffee. Owners Lauren Crabbe and Michael McCrory named the cafe Andytown after the Belfast suburb McCrory comes from, replicating its customs by welcoming all to some griddle-baked soda bread and hot drinks. The former Blue Bottle Barista and musician husband show their passion for creativity and specialty coffee in their roasts, now available at other cafes and grocery stores in town. We recommend their daily muffin and scone offerings, made with seasonal ingredients for every palate, along with their Snowy Plover espresso soda with whipped cream. Catch the sporadic breaks from the fog at a table outside and meet the neighbors.
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Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

En Bloc Hotels™ | San Diego | United States | Coffee + Tea

In the wake of reinventing its food + beer scene, San Diego has now turned to rethinking how it takes its coffee. Leading the path is alumn Roaster of the Year Bird Rock Coffee. Since 2006, BRCR has been bringing hand selected + direct trade coffee to the area, cultivating long term relationships with Central American + African coffee growers that translate to a true “farm to cup” experience. Their sophomore location in Little Italy features their seasonal espresso and slow-drip coffees in an airy + sunny space. Grab a seat with a pastry and a cup of coffee before a walk around the neighborhood.
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Azul Café

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Housed inside La Estación de Oficios El Porvenir lives one of Valle de Guadalupe’s many hidden gems, Azul Café. Besides the onsite winemaking school, community center and olive pressing, the cooperative features onsite roasting of single-origin beans from throughout Mexico. Mornings in Valle aren’t complete without an espresso or stiff iced coffee from Azul’s unassuming counter. Take a moment to engage roaster Felipe González, who’s always happy to chat about Mexico’s coffee culture and brewing methods. If hunger strikes, next door’s Cooperativa counter serves light fare. Don’t leave without peaking around La Escuelita’s onsite wine production and architect Alejandro D’Acosta’s creativity, which is evident throughout the property.
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Le Marché St. George

En Bloc Hotels™ | Canada | Vancouver | Coffee + Tea, Food + Drink

If a successful business is one that can provide quality products and unite its neighbors, Le Marché St. George stands victorious. Located in Vancouver’s Riley Park area, this cafe + grocery has become a neighborhood staple and visitor requisite for its cozy francophile food and aesthetic. A strong relationship with local farmers and vendors keeps the menu at this place seasonal and fresh, allowing the kitchen to switch up their crêpe and quiche ingredients. We suggest the Ham & Gruyère Crêpe with Bechamel and the Asparagus & Asiago Quiche for savory tastes. For those with a sweet side, try their Almond Croissant or a Seasonal Fruit Crêpe with Brie & Honey. Pair this all with Le Marché St. George’s London Fogs, Cortados or drip coffee. While you’re there, make sure to browse the variety of home + lifestyle goods by local and international makers and artists.
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20th Century Cafe

En Bloc Hotels™ | San Francisco | United States | Coffee + Tea

We all have a “treat yourself” place we frequent for, well, the treats. 20th Century Cafe is one. Classic and beautifully polished, this sunny corner spot in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley is where we come for the salt-crusted bagels with salmon (open faced, of course), espresso, and pastries. The cafe was an immediate draw thanks to the location, setting, and food. After learning Chef + Owner Michelle Polzine found inspiration for the menu during travels to Vienna, Budapest, and Prague, our bias was solidified.
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Café 123

En Bloc Hotels™ | Mexico | Mexico City | Coffee + Tea

Café 123, located on Calle Artículo 123 in Ciudad De Mexico’s “Centro” neighborhood, is a true off the path find. Housed inside a reclaimed building once used for the sale + storage of newspapers, the interiors have been left to coexist with its new décor; the vibes here are good and so is the food. Guests are welcomed by a down to earth menu consisting of healthy and tasty ingredients; expect to find an interesting mix of Asian + Mexican treats. Read More


Heart Coffee Roasters

En Bloc Hotels™ | Portland | United States | Coffee + Tea

Just wake up from a night of eats and beats at Jupiter’s Doug Fir Lounge? Take a 15 minute stroll down East Burnside to Heart Coffee Roasters. Owners Rebekah and Wille Yli-Luome and their team of coffee scientists bring an advanced twist to the craft, from the Probat roaster full of green beans to the fruity, aromatic yields of espresso, pour-over, and Aero press. With the addition of a second location, both spaces offer a simple, welcoming space where the Technics spin for guests and the WiFi goes dark for the sake of good company (Fridays and weekends respectively). Sweeten the whole thing with a pastry by PDX’s own Bakeshop and you’ll see why Heart Roasters have become a city favorite. Read More