Adventure 004

Adventure 004

While the city itself is spread across 49 square miles, most visitors don’t get to see life on the west side of San Francisco. The Outer Sunset neighborhood is too often left out from recommendations by travel guides, herding the people to the same saturated places. This is where you’ll find the surfers heading towards the swell before work, endless rows of multicolored homes, and the sun peeking out from the fog just long enough to warm the moment. We asked our friend and local photographer Chris Behroozian to take us around his regular spots for a morning of good eats and company along this quiet beach community.

Outerlands   /   Andytown Coffee Roasters   /   General Store   /   Ocean Beach Walk


With a day’s worth of meals on the menu, coffee hours, and a full bar, Outerlands has long been an anchor to the neighborhood. Drift wood, tile and natural light make up the ambiance for your eggs-in-jail breakfast, grilled cheese lunch, and duck leg dinner. The bar features Four Barrel coffee via espresso and Chemex, craft beer on draft, a cocktail program that includes artisanal spirits, and an ample selection of wine.


No neighborhood in San Francisco is complete without a quality retail outlet. The collective design community behind General Store opened its first location in 2010 (subsequent spot in Venice, CA), featuring a curated inventory of new + vintage books, crafts, jewelry, home furnishings and other lifestyle products from local artists and makers. The shop also keeps an open back patio and garden space it uses to host occasional events and workshops.


This is the Outer Sunset’s neighborhood spot. The one with the communal table, warm pastries and exceptional coffee. Owners Lauren Crabbe and Michael McCrory named the cafe Andytown after the Belfast suburb McCrory comes from, replicating its customs by welcoming all to some griddle-baked soda bread and hot drinks with neighbors. The former Blue Bottle Barista and musician husband show their creativity and passion for specialty coffee in their roasts, now available at other cafes and grocery stores in town. We recommend their daily muffin and scone offerings, made with seasonal ingredients for every palate, along with their Snowy Plover espresso soda with whipped cream.



A walk through the Outer Sunset towards Ocean Beach shows life along the avenues. The area is home to surfers, skate crews and families alike. The bright colors that distinguish the seemingly identical houses show the neighborhood’s personality, as do the beach cruisers and presence of sand beneath every step. While many locals residing in the heart of the city consider the Outer Sunset too sleepy and foggy for their taste, we find this edge of town characteristic of all things California.


Getting to this part of San Francisco is easy whether on public transit, bike, or longboard (just look out for those speed wabbles).


Chris Behroozian

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