Adventure 001

Adventure 001

Ranked amongst North America’s top cities is Vancouver, BC thanks to its thriving economy, cultural identity, extensive public transport, and gorgeous surroundings. EBH Pathfinder and Vancouver native Rachael Fouchier guides us through her town for a day of coastal views, food, and colorful spots around our choice Vancouver destination, The Burrard.

The Burrard Hotel   /   Le Marche St. George’s   /   ChouChou Crepes


With a nucleus-like downtown location, the reimagined Burrard Hotel plays host with 72 guest rooms featuring traditional and modern comforts.

The hotel is a short walk to the Burrard Street Bridge, so a pastry and a warm to-go cup from Container Coffee on site is recommended before heading out. Catch the False Creek Ferry to Kitsilano Beach for some open views of English Bay and Vancouver’s West End.


It’s worth a quick stroll through the docks when you arrive in Kits. The members of the Wooden Boat Society will most likely be restoring a vintage vessel, but they will gladly offer a nautical perspective of the inlet’s past to those discovering the area.


As the day begins to gather momentum, the ferry brings riders to Granville Island, where one can hop off for a bit to a look around the market and former industrial complexes.


Rachael Fouchier

I decided to take the ferry one more stop to Yaletown and from there I let my feet take me through Gastown and over to Coal Harbour. Gastown is an older part of the city that is full of gems and great food trucks. Don’t walk past ChouChou without a crepe and a drink cold-pressed from The Juice Truck.


After settling appetites, a walk from Gastown towards The Burrard in the West End is ideal. Tucked between the bustling downtown area and Stanley Park, the West End operates at a calmer tempo while staying vibrant and colorful.


Check-out at The Burrard isn’t until noon, but sleeping in will always come second to lattes accompanied by ham & cheese croissants from Le Marche St. George’s.  


Rachael Fouchier

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