Panchitas Bakery

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Good things happen when you’re 15 minutes north of the U.S. – Mexico border. A perfect example is Panchita’s Bakery. In authentic Mexican fashion, grab a tray, a pair of tongs, and start debating between the varieties of pan dulce such as the conchas, orejas, and cuernitos. If you’re in the mood for something savory, ask for the jalapeño and Oaxaca cheese stuffed bolillos. This place gets busy with local families fetching their daily fix of bread or some tres leches cake for a special occasion, but pastries like this are not readily available elsewhere. We’ve looked.

Panchitas Bakery


Panchitas Bakery Golden Hill

2519 C Street,
       San Diego, CA 92102 USA
+1 (619) 232-6662


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