Boxer Ramen

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A small spot for a big appetite, downtown’s Boxer Ramen is precisely what your tired bones will crave after a long day of Portland explorations. A micro menu offers the pork lover hearty tonkotuso-shio and spicy red miso bowls of Sun Noodle soup along with a vegetarian stock base partnered with coconut milk. Watch the bonito flakes on your okonomiyaki tater tots dance and take in the wall art by Trish Grantham in the bright, window-flanked space. Once the last of your noodles have been slurped, take a quick stroll down the Union Way alley for some retail therapy at Self Edge or sweets at QUIN.

Boxer Ramen
Boxer Ramen


Boxer Ramen

1025 SW Stark St,
       Portland, OR 97205 USA
+1 (503) 894-8260